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Is it possible? can you really make money from home and have fun doing it? Yes it is possible. Is it easy? No, not all the time. For some it seems easy and for me at this time I'd say it is often times easy but that is only because of the work I put in to build the foundation that gives me a return. The bottom line is that you have to work to get a return. It always surprises me that there are people who think that it is possible to make money doing very little to nothing.
If you are willing to work then you can make money!
That is the basic thing that you have to keep in mind. The problem is that when the hard work really starts you forget that you agreed that it would be hard. If you can remind yourself of this and then continue to put forth the effort you will see the results.

I make money by enjoying my hobbies and creating other hobbies.
I started making money back in 1999 online. At that time eBay was fairly new and I heard about it. I had recently learned how to use a computer and was interested in all that you could find and learn through the internet. It has only grown since then. I had a friend at the time who showed me eBay and mentioned that it was an online auction site where anyone could sell anything they wanted to anyone who wanted to buy it anywhere in the world.
I was intrigued and I started playing with it a little. Some of us played around in ways that we shouldn't have, bidding on auctions we did not intend to win or buy just to see the price go up. I did this on a set of computers that needed fixing and jacked up the price to over $600. At the time this equaled about a week's income for me. Guess who won the auction? Yep. Me!
Take Ownership
I'd been married just a few short years at this time and when she found out about the computers I'd purchased (that weren't all working by the way) I had a dilemma. Either I had to make that money back in a hurry or my marriage was in trouble. She was not very happy and I was a little more than a little stressed about how I was going to pay the bills that month.
So I started formulating a plan right away. I started learning all I could about these particular computers. I researched online to find out how to fix them. I asked friends who worked on them for help. By the time the computers arrived I had already created templates for new auctions. I decided to put each computer up one at a time and resell them on eBay. I had the basic details all written up and had my shipping terms determined. I had it figured out to be able to at least get my money back and was feeling a little more optimistic.
Put a Plan Into Action
The computers arrived and I went to work. I found parts to fix some and swapped parts from others. I got some of them running rather quick and already had my first auction back up. Within the next week I had sold some of them. I don't remember all the details but I know that I was able to make my money back and then some. It was enough that my curiosity was peaked. I was quite a bit more careful with the next steps as I researched for something else to sell but I saw potential here. I sold some odds and ends from around the house (a good way to start) and then found a supplier for some products I could start selling.
Decide to Get Serious
I saw the potential and told my wife that the money that was coming in was not extra yet. It was seed money. I started buying inventory from a wholesaler I found through www.WholesaleCentral.com and started selling it on eBay. For a young married guy I made some good money. It was nice to have a little extra around to deal with. Of course over time I learned to move away from inventory and found that there are other options for running my business but I'll tell you this. If you are turning your nose up at stocking a little inventory then running your own business is not for you. That may be a step that can be valuable for you and you have to show your willingness somewhere.
Show You Are Serious
Once you decide that you are going to be serious you should show it to yourself. Take the steps to make it a real business and to take it to the next level. The resources are available to learn just about anything you want in order to run a business. The internet is also full of people who want only to sell you something. At this point that is not my intent. Who knows? In the future I might offer something but for the time being I am not interested in it. I would be interested to see how many of you want to show that you are serious though. If you would like to learn what it takes let me know. I'll put together some emails to tell you some of the things I have learned.


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