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Nick Jr Coloring Pages
Nick Jr coloring pages of many of your favorite Nickelodeon characters are a fun resource for you and your kids to enjoy a little creative time together. Nick Jr coloring pages might include sponge bob pages or Go Diego Go pages for the boys and possibly Dora The Explorer pages or Olivia coloring pages for the girls. Whichever is their favorite you will find plenty of options for the and other coloring page resources online.

Dora coloring pages

Cat Dog

Cat Dog 2

Sponge Bob

Sponge Bob coloring page

One of the benefits of Nick Jr coloring pages is that you offer an activity that allows the use of the creative side of the brain while not losing the option of playing with familiar TV characters. With the coloring pages you just have the added benefit of creative action that allows growth and imagination. Once colored the pictures can add d├ęcor to a room or even be used to create other crafts such as Christmas tree ornaments, snowflakes or door knob hangers.

No matter your favorite character you are bound to find fun in coloring them. Having watched these characters in their tv shows your children will love the opportunity to color the character pages and you may be surprised at the retention you see as your kids color these characters from television with the same colors they see on them in the shows. It is one more example to let you see just how observant your children are. Did I mention they will also repeat anything you say? Watch as they color and be reminded that if it comes out of your mouth it is registered in their brain.


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